The Extraordinary Gentleman


Society has been the kingdom of the mrn until the subject of womanhood became so important that a lot of resource in form of money and time through research, advocacy and support has been dedicated to women.

These efforts are in place so as to eliminate the disadvantaged position that many women found themselves in which is usually blamed on men. These actions are great initiatives in their stated motive. However, the diversity of those pursuing this noble agenda has introduced different motives that in some sense is either making women into men or making them into versions of women that seem to be a the likeness of the very things they despise.

In spite of these shortcomings, these initiatives seem to have developed some of our counterparts, the women, into vibrant contributors to society and homes that has changed the whole structure of homes, workplaces, religion, politics and other fields of worthy endeavor. With the advancement in technology and liberation of educational systems, strength is continuously going out of fashion and knowledge has become paramount. Notably, for the home where men’s regular duty was to produce, provide and protect, women in our days have the ability to produce, provide for and protect a family single handedly!

Additionally, Manhood, which in its very essence is immutable in its prestige and honour has been questioned by the increased misconceptions of its nature by men, women and society at large. These misconceptions have led to actions and inaction on all sides concerned which has tainted the very beauty that nature had intended for Manhood. For example, many negative images of unfaithfulness, irresponsibility, violence, rape and other social vices have successfully come to be associated with manhood. Manhood has therefore lost the prestigious associations that it once had. Examples of which include, strength, wisdom, responsibility and industry. This is just not acceptable.

In simple terms, manhood is not the problem, but the conception held of its nature and art is. It is therefore important that manhood does not become the next victim of extinction that has severely affected the balance of the earth. We do not want great dads and wonderful husbands to become extinct, neither do we want to see the extinction of responsible male corporate executives nor the extinction of male ministers of genuine integrity. Our mission is a rescue mission; to provide a solution to the ignored state of manhood. This solution is not a vindictive defense of manhood, but the promotion of this eminence in  its complete and elevated form- The Extraordinary Gentleman.


An Extraordinary Gentleman (XG) is a man who through divine wisdom interacts with God, people (women, children, fellow men) and institutions (society) in ways that grant him distinguishable excellence in the fields of marriage, ministry and money. The concept of the XG is an advocacy for the mastery of Christian manhood.

To be an extraordinary gentleman, the Christian gentleman must therefore understand his own nature as a man and how effectively and efficiently he can employ this nature within the will of God to accomplish the will of God as well as live a successful life on earth.

The life of a man is generically made up of three functional fields, his purpose, his marriage and his wealth. We shall call these his Ministry, his Marriage and his Money {the three M’s (3M’s) of a man’s life} respectively. There are men who for natural or artificial circumstances do not partake in one or more of the three aspects of a man’s life, however, in the absence of any such circumstances a man’s success in life must be measured by his performance in all these three fields. These functional fields have certain elements in common and a man’s success in any of these fields is affected his ability to interact productively with these elements. The elements include people (men, women and children), institutions (society) and invisible forces (divine and devilish).

Therefore, as Christian gentlemen, we must be able to pursue and adapt all necessary information to make in line with the three fields of his life and the various elements that make up this field so as to be effective in all our endeavours. When a well-savedsingle-dadz Christian gentleman adds knowledge to his faith and moral standards as stated in 2 Peter 1:5  he empowers himself to become an Extraordinary Gentleman and this is the reason for the existence of the Conference of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


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