The Extraordinary Gentleman

Although manhood in general has been affected in various ways by the many misconceptions that have tainted its image even in the church, I believe that we must not give up on the importance of this important institution.Christian manhood is of overriding importance me especially because the church has given men important positions in all fields of their lives. It is therefore important for men in the church not to be carriers of the same wrong image( e.g. unfaithfulness and irresponsibility) that men outside the church are plagued with.

There are many books , videos and seminars etc out in the public domain that  claim to make men more effective in their dealings with society and its members such as business, politics, money, family and even women. However, though men really need these information to build themselves into better personalities, most of these information is scattered. In the cases where there is a sizeable representation of these information, they are usually designed for the wider audience of men and are not shaped to suit the special needs of the Christian gentleman. The Christian gentleman needs well-tailored information to make him more effective and efficient in all the aspects of his life. He must demonstrate the glory of his father through excellent interaction with the world around him; after all, it is in the will of the father for him to have dominion over the earth (Gen. 1:26). A christian gentleman who is lives an  excellent balanced life by his spirit is what I call the extraordinary gentleman. to give an operational definition,

An Extraordinary Gentleman (XG) is a man who through divine wisdom interacts with God, people (women, children, fellow men) and institutions (society) in ways that grant him distinguishable excellence in the fields of marriage, ministry and money. The concept of the XG is an advocacy for the mastery of Christian manhood.

To be an extraordinary gentleman, the Christian gentleman must therefore understand his own nature as a man and how effectively and efficiently he can employ this nature within the will of God to accomplish the will of God as well as live a successful life on earth.

The life of a man is generically made up of three functional fields, his purpose, his marriage and his wealth. We shall call these his Ministry, his Marriage and his Money {the three M’s (3M’s) of a man’s life} respectively. There are men who for natural or artificial circumstances do not partake in one or more of the three aspects of a man’s life, however, in the absence of any such circumstances a man’s success in life must be measured by his performance in all these three fields. These functional fields have certain elements in common and a man’s success in any of these fields is affected his ability to interact productively with these elements. The elements include people (men, women and children), institutions (society) and invisible forces (divine and devilish).

Therefore, as Christian gentlemen, we must be able to pursue and adapt all necessary information to make in line with the three fields of his life and the various elements that make up this field so as to be effective in all our endeavours. When a well-saved Christian gentleman adds knowledge to his faith and moral standards as stated in 2 Peter 1:5  he empowers himself to become an Extraordinary Gentleman and this is the reason for the existence of the Conference of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


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