Hello, fellow gentlemen, I am sure you have followed us for some time in our quest to become. I am also confident that you are well grounded in the fact that the life of a man is made up of three functional fields; his Marriage, his Ministry (purpose) and his Money (career and finances). In our first discussion within the context of ministry entitled “You have God’s chisel!” we discussed ministry as selfless undertaking that is evidently inspired by the Spirit of God and that leads to glorious results in the life of people and society at large. We also stressed the fact that all men have a purpose and thus a ministry and that starting the fulfillment of your ministry could begin with as simply as starting a blog with the idea for only one post. We also added that it is important that a man identifies and pursues his ministry. Finally, we concluded that,

Ministries are the chisels with which God carves his glory out of the lives of humans.

In this article, I will like us to discuss how to make impact in ministry. In other words, how to make sure that your work for God is fruitful and that the fruits of your ministry remain. I will therefore like to share with you some truths I encountered in the word of God for making impact in ministry.

1. Be appointed
As mentioned earlier, ministry refers to your purpose and your purpose is determined by God. The first step in making in making true impact is in ensuring that you are into what God has appointed you for. This specifically begins with identifying your purpose, the reason for your creation, the need you have been created to satisfy or in better words the need that God has chosen to satisfy through you. This identification of purpose reveals the appointment that God made of you before you were born, like the appointment of Jeremiah the prophet (Jer 1:5). The purpose of God for your life, like his will, has three main components; the declared purpose (what), the action plan (how, who, where) and the timing (when) [click here to go to detailed article on the will of God]. Being appointed is about identifying the declared purpose or the “what” of your ministry. It refers to for example asking God, what did you create me for? It is therefore important to be in constant and patient communion with God to understand the perfect will of God for your ministry.

There are however different ways by which you can identify the purpose of God for your life. As discussed in my book “The Extraordinary Gentleman: A Handbook for Christian Men”, there are men who receive knowledge of their purpose through dramatically inspiring experiences such as visions and dreams (Gen 37: 5-10; 45:7; Jg 6:11-22), others receive their it by authority received through the laying on of hands (1Ti 4:14), others just see it in the word of God (Da 9:2-27) and are moved to get it done. Yet still, others just have it as a passion for which they feel gifted to pursue (1 Sam 17: 23-54). No matter the way you identify God’s appointment upon your life, it is important to know the perfect will (the declared purpose, the action plan and the timing) of God concerning you purpose. It is the seed for a successful and fruitful ministry i.e a ministry that makes impact. In the next article as God permits, we will move into further discussion as to how to make impact in ministry.

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Your Ministry is NOT Your Identity

I loved this post on ministry from one of the blogs I have subscribed to and I feel permitted to share it with you. I hope it blesses you. And an additional thought, no matter what (who) you are (your position), your wife wants a husband, your children want a father (Daddy) and your parents want a son (daughter, for the ladies) and your friends, they want a friend, what (who) you are is secondary. Enjoy God’s blessings.

Genuine Motivation

By Paul Tripp

I was a pastor in the process of destroying his life and ministry and I didn’t know it. I wish I could say that my pastoral experience is unique, but I have come to learn in travels to hundreds of churches around the world that, sadly, it is not. Sure, the details are unique, but I see in many pastors the same disconnect between the public persona and the private man. I have heard so many stories containing so many confessions that I grieve over the state of pastoral culture in our generation. The burn of this concern, coupled with my knowledge and experience of transforming grace, drives me to write this column.

Three underlying themes operated in my life and I have observed the same themes in the lives of many pastors with whom I have talked. Unpacking these themes helps us examine where pastoral culture…

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The Quest for Purpose: Your Strengths

Memory Verse: “….who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4: 13, 14)

Your strength is your quality or ability that you have that gives you an advantage (Advanced Learner’s Oxford Dictionary). It can be your physical strength, physical beauty, wisdom, position, skills (such as good leadership skills and good communication skills), good character, good health, spiritual gifts, natural talents, etc. These inborn or God-given qualities or abilities help you get certain things done better than other people. I should say, God has been very good to give some (if not all) of these qualities or abilities to everybody. And you should be thankful to God for these endowments in your life. They can guide you to know the will of God for your life (Marriage, Ministry, business and career (Money)).

If you realize that it becomes fun when you are doing a particular thing,  perhaps that is your calling. Unlike others, you may find that you have the wits and guts to study your books and excel at your academics. It may be that God wants you to be in the academia. Or, you may find that you are very good at leading people, organizing programs, influencing people, etc. You may be having a leadership mantle upon your life. Or, you may find that you have the grace to share God’s word, pray, and do the things of God in

such a way that people admire. It may be that God is calling you into His vineyard to do His work.

It is said that coming events cast their shadows.  Watch the names and titles by which people call you today. God may be revealing your purposes to you by this means. Perhaps they call you pastor, or seer, or prophet, or professor, or doctor, etc. It may be your calling. Don’t be surprised that in future you will find yourself in those fields where God has given you the strength. The little things you are capable of doing well today should give you an idea of what God wants you to do, of the areas where He wants you serve, and of those people He wants you to become partners with in marriage and in ministry. God did not put those strengths in you to be wasted. If you really want to make it, you should exploit those strengths and link yourself up with the right people.

God blessed Esther with a wonderfully beautiful physical appearance. This gave her favor in the sight of king Ahasuerus. When Haman plotted against the whole race of Israel and she seemed not to be aware her purpose, Mordecai alerted her: ‘…and who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?’ (Esther 4: 13, 14)

God is expecting that whatever qualities or abilities you have should be useful for His kingdom (remember, God’s general purpose for creating us all is that we save lives and expand His kingdom). If you are nice-looking in your appearance, talented, skillful, or spiritually gifted in any ways, God is also expecting you to freely use it to expand His kingdom. Don’t be proud and pompous, or greedily make money out of it. Jesus gave gifts to the apostles to ‘heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils’, and He told them, ‘… freely ye have received, freely give’ (Matthew 10:8). Otherwise you will attract God’s wrath on your life.

However, your strengths are not the only indicators of your purpose. That is why we should also allow God to lead us into His purposes for our lives, since our strengths can be misleading without God’s leading.

By Samuel Tetteh-Baah

You Have God’s Chisel !

It is interesting , but i believe you will agree with me, that most of the time we are tempted to have our own perceptions and classifications of the man God is likely to use in achieving any purpose on earth.  Additionally, each of the categories that result from our classifications usually has a compelling reason why  we think we should not be the ones to be used. But if you are then of no use, you might as well be occupying important space that can be used by someone “more useful”! Why won’t God just kick you out of the way?

The answer is simple; every single one of creation has a compelling reason to exist. It is like saying everybody has a value that is derived from his or her existence and this is many times called your purpose. We will call it your ministry. Why?, well this is because your purpose offers value or satisfaction directly or indirectly to someone and ultimately to God. In essence, you are God’s solution to someone’s challenge or problem.

Picture this; a man who is excited about coming to church decides to wear his all-white brand new suit. In his excitement he forgets to pick one of his ten handkerchiefs. He is shy to ask for help but on arrival at the church, he notices that the chairs are spotlessly clean. He lifts up his eyes to heaven and whispers “thank you Father”. The exciting part is that, you cleaned that particular chair (as  periodic volunteer  to the church). You were God’s solution to his challenge or problem. Some ministries can be that simple, even as simple as starting a blog with just an idea for a single post!

Being in ministry I believe is just a shorter form of saying you are a channel through which God supplies any of the various graces that other people. These people also include other Christians who need your service to function more properly in society and in the church. This is the more reason why no excuse is enough to deny your neighbor the love of supplying the grace he or she needs through you. You must identify and pursue your ministry!

A ministry is therefore any selfless undertaking that is evidently inspired by the Spirit of God and that leads to glorious results in the life of people and society at large. The total concept of ministry is encapsulated in Isaiah 61: 1-4. A ministry is the purpose for life that must be inspired by the Spirit of God and as such, one must be chosen and equipped for it (Isa 61:1). Don’t forget, every man has a purpose and thus a ministry.

The Holy Spirit communicates a man’s ministry to him in different forms. There are those who receive it through dramatically inspiring experiences such as visions and dreams like Gideon (Judges 6:11-22, Gen 37: 5-10, 45 :7,), others receive by authority through the laying on of hands (1Ti 4:14), others just see it in the word of God (Dan 9:2-27) and are moved to get it done. Yet still, others just have it as a passion for which they feel gifted to pursue (1 Sam 17: 23-54) l.

A ministry must however, offer one or a combination of spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical or even fiscal liberation, inspiration or healing (Isa 61:1), reconciling people to the favor of their God so as to arouse their joy and praise of God. The ministry may also be of the form that reminds the people (both Christians and non-Christians) of their judgment and that of their enemies, bringing the Christians to the knowledge of their state of righteousness (Isa 61:2-3) and the need to continue in it and bringing non-Christians to the knowledge of the saving power of Christ Jesus. A ministry can also equip others to undertake exploits that bring glory to the name of God (Isa 61:4, Eph 4:11-12). The key word is this, it must bring glory to God. Therefore , I believe that any ministry that does not bring glory to God is either a selfish endeavor or is just evil.


Ministries are the chisels with which God carves his glory out of the lives of humans.

And you have God’s chisel!