About CXG

The Conference of Extraordinary Gentlemen (CXG)

The Conference of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a repository of knowledge based on the word of God as stipulated in the bible that offers practical ways to develop into an extraordinary gentleman. It currently operates as a blog that carries information in form of text, video, audio and one-on -one or group discussions. The CXG is to facilitate the development of activities that are geared toward; 1. understanding of existing knowledge concerning the various aspects of the life of men for effective application, 2. questioning of existing knowledge for the elimination of illusions and 3. addition to the existing body of knowledge for continuous improvement. The information on the blog will be in the form of articles or contributions pasted by the editorial board or contributors, discussion segments, votes on issues of interest and edited write-ups as well as invited contributions from experts in various fields. All these is to ensure that the modern Christian gentleman is equipped adequately to accomplish all good work in all his fields of endeavour.

The blog is primarily divided into three pages, Ministry, Marriage and Money to reflect the three fields of the life of a Christian gentleman. Other supporting pages include lifestyle and my story pages that will carry general information and true life stories respectively. These pages are loaded with information from the desk of editorial board, contributors and experts from different fields to equip the Christian gentleman to live a balanced life.


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