Caring For Your Suit

The way a man dresses is an important communication of his personality and life style. Many people judge you by what you wear and how you wear it, so if that is the only impression they will have of you (especially if they will never get to talk

to you), then you must do it right the first time. An extraordinary gentleman must therefore understand the rudiments of dressing and how to work it to his advantage. That is why our first topic in the lifestyle section has to do with apparel.

One legacy of dressing that seems to flood offices, churches and many special occasions (especially

weddings) is a suit. Many men as a result of the merging of cultures all around the world have developed a great taste for suits. Men have come to love great suits, by great designers and they wear suits for important occasions all around the world. In the business world suits can be the norm. However, most men cannot afford along chain of costly suits hanging in the wardrobe. The few they acquire must therefore remain presentable over a period of time. The question therefore is this, how can make my suit last for a reasonable period of time?

Watching my first suit wear out before my eyes owing to a few costly mistakes, I began to search on what makes a great

suit last longer. Today I will like us to consider a few tips caring for your suit.

1. Dry clean, do not machine or hand wash

Dry cleaning is not equal to cleaning with your sponge or towel, it is a process done with special chemicals by professional dry cleaners usually at laundries. Most suits wear away quickly by machine wash or hand washing, the suit might lose their shape and form and the process might weaken the fabric. Do not dry clean your suits too frequently either. The strong chemicals used may wear out your fabric. If you wear your suits often, then dry clean about four to five times a year. And remember, it is not advisable to wear one suit for two consecutive days. A day of rest in between wears is appropriate for the suit to breathe.

2.  Hang upright on suit hangers in airy bags

Do not use slim hungers to hang your suit. Use hungers with broad shoulders that will keep the rounded shape of the

suit’s shoulder. Do not store the suit in plastic bags, not even the ones provided by the dry cleaners. Store the suits in jackets with porous fabric to allow for circulation of air this prevents molds especially

in the tropics. Dry them outside in shade once in a while to expel bad air during long storage.

3. Protect from wrinkle and press in between dry cleaning whe

n needed

To keep an outstanding appearance, do not hang your suit between lots of clothes. This will increase the rate of wrinkle. Press your suit when it is wrinkled but better still give it to the dry cleaners to press it for you without dry cleaning it. They will give it a professional touch. To iron a suit, place a clean cotton or linen cloth over the suit. Do not slide the iron over the clean cloth but ratherpress and lift it up. Brush your suit with a clothes brush when you take it off to keep it clean and looking good.

I hope these tips have been of some help. Please remember to leave your comments.

Best of the day.