Overview of Christian Marriage

Hello, it is wonderful to have you on our blog and we are truly blessed to have you. Today, I will like to kick start our discussion of the many topics that can be considered under marriage with what I will call a general view of marriage.

I will like us to consider marriage in simple terms is a negotiated union between a man and a woman to be recognized as a family within the principles of the bible, witnessed by a Christian community and giving the individuals the right to sexual intimacy that may or may not lead to the birth and raising of children. Marriage therefore ultimately leads to the creation of a family consisting of a husband and  wife with or without children.

Marriage is a sacred institution that is ordained by God (Gen 2:18-24) as a union between man and woman and must be treated as such. I therefore believe that though many laws have been established by nations to regulate marriage and the family life, Christian’s homes must be governed by virtues of Christendom in their marriage lives. This however, is not an encouragement to avoid or disrespect requirements for recognition of marriages under the various laws of the land.

Marriage as an institution is one that should be thoroughly prepared for. once you are in getting out especially as a christian is another story. To equip us for this all important stage of the life of most men, posts in this category will carry information on how to prepare for, enter and sustain a relationship. In the case of the unimaginable, we will also present issues on divorce all in a wonderful bible based perspective. Remember to be our guest.


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I believe christian gentlemen can be outstanding.

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